The Excellence in Journalism in 2018 Awards are decided throughout the course of the year.

Professor Dr Wanda de Kanter receives the Dutch 2018 GLCC Award for Excellence in Journalism for her campaign to prevent smoking. The presentation was made by lung cancer patient Anne Marie van Veen, who herself won the Award for 2017.    

Every single day Prof Wanda de Kanter makes a difference to Dutch lung cancer care. She is a lung specialist at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital in Amsterdam. 

On November 3rd she received the GLCC Journalism Award for 2018, nominated by the Durtch Cancer Patientsboard for her "strong and visible position in Dutch media on prevention of smoking". Her goal: a smoke-free generation. 

Smoking remains by far the biggest cause of lung cancer. For years, Prof de Kanter has been seeing the consequences of smoking amongst her patients. This prompted her to partner with lung cancer patient Anne Marie van Veen to start a law suit against the tobacco industry. 

For decades, Prof de Kanter has been fighting lung cancer as a doctor - now she's taken her fight against the tobacco industry in the courts, and into the media, where she makes people aware of the dangers of smoking. Her dedication to this fight is the reason why she has been nominated for the 2018 award. 

As well as being a doctor, she is chair of the board of Prevention of Smoking in Youth, and an active member of the Advisory Board of the Dutch Lung Cancer Patientsboard.

Prof de Kanter - Wanda - really makes a difference. Not only in the treatment of people with this deadly disease, but also in smoking prevention and in raising awareness to prevent children from becoming addicted to tobacco. On all these subjects, Wanda, is often featured in the media, reaching out to a wider audience. She has twice won the Dutch Female Media Award. Now, she has been chosen to receive the 2018 GLCC Journalism Award. This was presented at the annual congress for people with lung cancer and their familes, at the Meander Medisch Centrum in Amersfoort.