GLCC - ALCASE Italia 2016 Award


This year, ALCASE's award was given to journalist Paola Staccioli, and Serena Ranieri, for their blog on "The O2".


The " O2 " blog (O2 stands for oxygen, air, breathing ... but also to remember that they are two major protagonists) intends to testify their life with cancer.

The blog won the award because it: 

1. represents the first case of the genus in Italy (certainly with regard to lung cancer);

2. paints, in a cool and realistic way, but also touching and sometimes moving, the human and psychological pathway of those who live with the disease;

3. With its plurality of voices, it gives a 360° view of the difficult and heterogeneous way of dealing with a potentially deadly disease. 

ALCASE Italia will present Paola and Serena's nomination to the Global Award and hopes, this time, and for the first time, to bring the prize in Italy.

To read excerpts from their blogs please visit:



The awards ceremony will take place during the 3rd National Meeting ALCASE, Rome 11-12 November 2017



Dutch Journalist Merel Brons wins the GLCC Journalism Award
During the national theme day of the patient organisation ‘Longkanker Nederland’ (Lung Cancer Netherlands) on Saturday 5 November, journalist Merel Brons has won the Global Lung Cancer Journalism Award 2016.
Merel won the Lung Cancer Journalism Award for the special stories she has written about two women diagnosed with lung cancer. Both articles appeared in Dutch magazine Libelle last year.
In presenting Merel Brons the award, Merel Hennink - a member of the Patient Advisory Board of Longkanker Nederland, and also one of the portrayed women – said: “Merel has taken all the time for making the portraits. She has given the patient with lung cancer a face, a beautiful face. It has become a positive story.”
Longkanker Nederland is proud to present the award to Merel Brons because her stories show the person behind the patient.
Both stories can be obtained at Longkanker Nederland. E-mail: