Lung Cáncer Patients Foundation crosses the Andes Mountains

The Lung Cáncer Patients Foundation will participate in the Cross of the Andes Marathon in February 2012.

Peter Czanyo, from the Argentinian-based group is attempting "The Crossing" with his friend, and runner, Lucrecia Videla.
"Columbia Cross of the Andes" has taken place in Patagonia for 10 years and the objective of the race is to cross The Andes, joining Argentina and Chile.
The total distance is 105 km; in the first stage they will run 38.7km and will reach an altitude of 2,133 meters above sea level. The second stage will be the longest with 40.5 Km and the last one is of 26.4 Km.

Peter said: "The unbeatable beauty of the places where this event is developed and the aprox 1,500 runners from all around the world will cross mountains and volcanos, snowed summits, forests, lake shores and rivers, valleys, rockies areas and all the different alternatives that the mountain offers. Even though this event is done in summer, the climatic variation could be extremely adverse and can include cold, snow, winds and rains.

"We've been trainning very hard for a lot of months and we know we can make it. We want to demostrate that, like every aspect of life, in spite of the difficulties, tiredness and adversities we can overcome the obstacles and not surrender or to become paralysed because of fear.
"I hope our marathon will be an inspiration and to ecourage patients and families that are transiting the Cancer Diagnosis, transmiting hope to all of them."