Patient Experience Survey Report - 2019 

Improving patients’ experience of their treatment and care is an important issue for the Global Lung Cancer Coalition (GLCC) and its members. There is, however, little data comparing patient experience between countries.

In 2019 we therefore set out to gain insights into patient experience, working with its network of patient advocacy groups to share a multi-national online survey with patients around the world.

You can download the global briefing for our latest survey (2019) here:

Global briefing

Individual country briefings are available below:  

1. Argentina

2. Australia

3. Brazil

4. Bulgaria

5. Canada

6. Czech Republic

7. Denmark

8. Ireland

9. Mexico

10. Netherlands

11. Peru

12. Portugal

13. Spain

14. Sweden

15. Turkey

16. UK

17. USA


As an addendum to the data above:  

Swedish podcast 'Healthcare' discusses findings

Vanessa Beattie of UK Lung Cancer Nursing, who is based at Aintree NHS Trust in Liverpool, took part in this podcast, Sjukvardspodden, conducted on behalf of Roche Sweden. The interview is in English. Vanessa was talking to Erika Andersson, a media consultant with Springtime-Intellecta AB. 

If you scroll forward to 14:55 on this link you can listen to the interview.