Oct 30, 2018

Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2018

Campaigns across the globe to spread the word about the biggest cancer killer


November is lung cancer awareness month, a concerted opportunity for all involved in advocacy to help spread better informationand understanding of what remains the site-specific form of cancer that claims most lives worldwide.  

GLCC members are invited to update the secretariat about campaigns and innovations within their own region. 

To start the campaign, we have added two new clips to our video content section. These are the first in a series of interviews with leading figures in lung oncology, advocacy, support and information services. They were carried out on behalf of the GLCC by the experienced and highly-respected health journalist Susan Mayor. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy the content. As ever with GLCC resources, we also hope you will use them to help raise awareness of the disease, of attitudes towards it, and why we can begin to look forward to a brighter future, building on advances in therapy and screening we have witnessed in recent times.  

The subjects of the first new videos are Dr Jesme Fox, secretary to the GLCC, who outlines the present situation within advocacy and the implications for the future) and Prof Raymond Osarogiogbon, a thoracic oncologist based in Memphis, Tennesse, in the USA, who raises hopes for a brighter future. 


Politicians and opinion leaders attend Parliamentary LCAM launch event

Taken from the Lung Foundation Australia website, in which the new CEO Mark Brooke writes: 

“I have joined at a very exciting time for the organisation. My team, along with the support of hundreds of health professionals and people living with lung disease, have developed Australia’s first National Strategic Action Plan for Lung Conditions. Through this plan, we are shining a light on lung health in Australia and the urgent need for increased investment in lung disease research, services and support. This follows on from the release of Making Lung Cancer a Fair Fight: A Blueprint for Reform – a first-of-its-kind report launched at the Parliamentary Friends of Lung Health event on 24 October which was attended by politicians and key opinion leaders to mark the launch of Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November.

“We are also pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The website was developed in consultation with consumers and key stakeholders and provides a central source of information and resources to support people of all ages living with lung disease.”




Our member organisation in Brazil, Oncoguia Institute is organising the country's second annual conference on the subject of lung cancer. This will take place in Sao Paulo on Tuesday 27th November.

Europe-wide - WALCE 
November is the “Awareness month for Lung Cancer”, and WALCE promotes itinerant make-over workshops for helping women undergoing cancer treatments to better cope with the side-effects of the disease.
Our French member organisation, La Ligue Contre Le Cancer, is backing the government's own health initiative - 'A month without tobacco'. While this, strictly speaking, is not an LCAM event in itself, none the less, the public health benefits are worth sharing. 

As the #MoisSansTabac Public Health agency in France is opening up, it warns about the "very worrying" evolution of female smoking, responsible for doubling the number of deaths attributable to tobacco among women between 2000 and 2014. On a more positive note, the initiative has attracted strong support it seems - more followers than One Direction and Justin Beiber combined. Apparently. 





llumina November 2018

November is internationally recognized as the month dedicated to lung cancer awareness.

The related international campaign, called Lung Cancer Awareness Month ( LCAM ), seeks to draw the public's attention to a type of tumour, once judged incurable except in rare cases, which now offers fresh hope. This is thanks to the recent introduction in the therapeutic field of drugs with targeted action on specific genetic mutations of the tumor and of the new immunotherapies.

ALCASE Italy has joined the LCAM since 2003, the year of its promulgation, and every month of November, since then, commits itself throughout the Italian territory to make information about what can be called the "plague" of the 21st century: the Lung Cancer ( Lung Cancer, in English).

But our commitment alone is not enough. It is necessary to involve an increasing number of people, media and institutions, so that everyone is aware of the progress of bio-medical research in the sector and that the false myth of the incurability of lung cancer has been cleared.

New opportunities for care must be known and false beliefs must be swept away.

There are many and varied  initiatives to raise awareness to be developed during the month of November , but ALCASE particularly advocates adhering to an initiative of great social importance:


The proposal is aimed at everyone, from private citizens to public administrations, from companies to traders. In essence, it is aimed at all people who believe solidarity and empathy are a priority.

Adhering to the initiative does not require fees or charges: it is a simple act of brotherhood and partnership.

Municipal administrations are asked to enlighten / dress white - color that symbolizes lung cancer, according to an international code that attributes to each disease a different color - for a day, a week or for the whole month, with lights or ribbons or bows or balloons ... a palace, a monument, a square, a garden, a church, a bell tower ... or any other place of public interest (in the US, for example, where you are very sensitive to lung problems, they are also illuminated in white Niagara falls!).

Citizens, companies and traders can choose how to participate, keeping the white color as Leitmotiv, with which bows, balloons or ribbons will be illuminated ... provided they are in external areas and visible to the public.

For citizens who want to join us concretely in asking their mayor to participate in the ILLUMINA NOVEMBRE campaign, we thought to facilitate the thing through a facsimile in word to download, complete with their own data, modify and customize (if you want), print , sign and deliver personally (more effective and recommended by us) or send by post or PEC mediated: