Welcome to the Global Lung Cancer
Coalition’s lung cancer screening resource centre

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Welcome to the Global Lung Cancer Coalition’s lung cancer screening resource centre

More countries around the world are considering implementing national lung cancer screening programmes to detect the disease earlier. Evidence is building of how different approaches can help to identify patients at an earlier stage, when there is a higher chance of treatment being successful.

Here you will find a range of different resources that may help you make the case for introducing a national lung cancer screening programme in your country.

You can also find out more about how lung cancer screening programmes have already been successfully set up in our questions and answers section with international lung cancer screening experts.

Click on the tabs at the top of this page or the links below to explore the different resources.

National Policies

This page provides links to national policy documents from governments or national healthcare bodies. These may be useful as examples of how governments set out their priorities for national screening programmes and what they consider when deciding whether a screening trial should take place. You can view each policy below in full by clicking on […]

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Protocols are detailed step-by-step actions for health professionals to follow in setting up and implementing screening programmes. You can view each protocol below in full by clicking on the relevant link.

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Guidelines set out the principles that national governments or health bodies wish healthcare professionals to follow in deciding who should be invited for lung cancer screening and how the screening process should take place. You can view each guideline below in full by clicking on the relevant link.

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Journal Papers

This page provides links to studies evaluating approaches to lung cancer screening, including two key projects: the US National Lung Screening Trial and the Dutch-Belgian NELSON study.

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Patient Materials

This page provides links to a range of materials about screening which are given to people who may be at risk of lung cancer and who might wish to be screened. These can be used to inform people about the risk of lung cancer and the potential benefits and harms of screening. This allows people […]

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Ask an expert: Q&A

We have asked experts in lung cancer screening from around the world for their advice on setting up and running lung cancer screening programmes. We are grateful to the following experts for sharing their expertise: Dr Stephen Lam Dr Matthew Callister Dr David Baldwin Dr James Mulshine

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How have the resources been chosen?

A list of resources was compiled through an online literature review. International experts from countries already implementing screening approaches were asked to review the list and suggested additional documents.

The resources were categorised into: journal papers, guidelines for health professionals, national policies, protocols and patient materials.

We want to keep this resource centre up to date. If you know of any additional resources that you think could be added, please contact the GLCC’s secretariat via email at glcc@incisivehealth.com.



The Global Lung Cancer Coalition is grateful to Pfizer, who made this project possible through providing an educational grant.

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