Equal Right to Life / Movement Against Cancer

Equal Right to Life is a Russian non-governmental non-profitable organisation which aims to assist in promotion of socially significant federal and regional target programs in the healthcare area, primarily, cancer care and control, in the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS); to protect rights and lawful interests of citizens, especially, patients and people with disabilities due to diseases; as well as to pursue social, charitable, cultural, educational and scientific purposes.

In particular, we actively support the implementation of the All-Russian Oncological Social Program which is intended to resolve the problems regarding prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cancer.

This socially significant program was initiated by eminent public and political figures, key opinion leaders in oncology, intellectuals and representatives of non-governmental organisations.

"Movement against cancer" (MAC) was created in 2008 by cancer patients, their families and physicians, with the support of "Equal Right to Life" to draw the attention of public and authorities to the problem of access to innovative treatments for cancer in the Russian Federation.

It also works to inform the public about modern and effective means of diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms. 

The Movement's core is comprised of people who have managed to stop the disease, or have such an aim.

Movement Against Cancer is not a small patient organisation. It is a broad public movement uniting prominent experts in oncology, opinion leaders, politicians, businessmen, creative professionals, athletes and journalists.

Affiliates of the Movement are found in more than 20 Russian regions.
Among its main objectives are:
  •  Quality control of medical aid and support of patients whose rights on receiving adequate treatment are violated;
  •  Interaction with the state authorities on improving access to modern methods of cancer treatment in Russia;
  •  Raising awareness about cancer, its prevention, and importance of its early diagnostics among population.

The Movement is partnering with the state and public health authorities to increase public awareness about the programs of clinical examination and mass screening for early detection of cancer.