2021 Global Research Study – Citation on clinical practice guidelines

The State of Global Lung Cancer Research – 2021 paper

Lung cancer research and its impact

The impact of medical research is usually judged on the basis of citations in the serial literature. A better test of its utility is through its contribution to clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) on how to prevent, diagnose, and treat illness.

This study, published in the journal ‘Lung Cancer’, aims to compare the parameters of lung cancer research papers with those cited as references in lung cancer CPGs from 16 countries, and the Cochrane Collaboration. These comparisons were mainly based on bibliographic data compiled from the Web of Science (WoS).

You can access and download the study as a pdf document here.


  • References on lung cancer guidelines show impact of research on clinical practice.
  • Such research is very clinical and includes mostly clinical trials and treatments.
  • This evaluation can show effects on own-country healthcare and international repute.
  • It is more appropriate than citation counts in journals for clinical research.
  • It depends on a new clinical impact® database developed by Minso Solutions AB.

Authors: Elena Pallari, Magnus Eriksson, Annika Billhult, Tommy Billhult, Ajay Aggarwal, Grant Lewison, Richard Sullivan

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