Members’ contributions

Video content contributed by GLCC members

During the 2019 GLCC Conference in Barcelona, we took the opportunity to record some of the presentations as well as some shorter personal ‘statement’ pieces from individual members.

To start, here is Maureen Rigney of the GO2Foundation (USA) launching what we hope will become a regular feature of future conferences – and valuable content for this website.

Maureen calls this Resource Corner:


The GLCC commissioned a study to look into the way that social media is being used globally to share information around lung cancer.

This presentation, by Christina Sit of Lung Cancer Canada, outlines just some of the data garnered from the study:

Members were invited to address the camera in their own words and in their own languages, to share their thoughts and views.

Here are their contributions, starting with Bernard Gaspar of Asociación Española de Afectados de Cancer de Pulmón, Spain:

Next, we hear from Christina Chin of Lung Cancer Research Foundation (USA):

Representing OnkoMajak of the Czech Republic, here is  Katarina Filipova:

Next, it’s the turn of Kevin O’Hagan of the Irish Cancer Society:

To give us the perspective from Denmark, here is Lisbeth Søbæk Hansen of Patientforeningen:


Merel Hennink is a patient advocate who works with Longkanker Nederlands. She is living with lung cancer and shares her experiences and insights to help support others who are in a similar situation:


Peter Czanyo is a patient advocate from Argentina and president of the
Fundacion Pacientes de Cancer de Pulmon. His life changed totally after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since then, he has taken up running and mountaineering. His remarkable achievements have attracted media attention worldwide, as he helps to raise awareness of the disease:

Samo Pitamic of NA VDIH (Inspire) in Slovenia also shares his thoughts:

More content will be added in due course


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