Journalism Awards 2019

Details of the Excellence in Journalism Awards 2019

Czech Republic Member Onkomaják presents two awards

The non-profit organisation ONKOMAJÁK, z.s. gave the 2019 award for Excellence in Lung Cancer Journalism to Mgr. Zdeňka Smejkalová, PhDr. et PhDr. and to Mgr. Jitka Slaná Reissmannová, Ph. D.

Mgr. Zdeňka Smejkalová, PhDr. et PhDr. – She is a recent graduate of the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University, in Health Education and Mathematics. Throughout her studies she was actively involved in creating teaching materials on the subject of health education for teachers, with particular focus on the topic of cancer prevention.

The main author of the publication „My se raka nebojíme“ („We are not afraid of cancer, from prevention to health“), she’s currently completing the second part of the book „Rozhodni se! Aneb životním stylem ke zdraví“ („Decide! from lifestyle to health“) which deals with the prevention of chronic non-infectious diseases.

PhDr. Mgr. Jitka Slaná Reissmannová, Ph.D. is a professional assistant at the Department of Physical Education and Health Education at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno.

She specializes in health education issues at the second stage of primary schools, especially in the area of prevention of chronic noninfectious diseases (oncological diseases) and old age syndrome, reproductive health and first aid.

The authors were presented with the GLCC award for their work on the methodological material for teaching about cancer prevention „We are not afraid of cancer, from prevention to health.“

This material is focused on cancer prevention and is intended for teachers of the second level of primary schools. The main aim of the material is to acquaint pupils with primary and secondary prevention of cancer and to increase their health literacy in this area.

We greatly appreciate the work of the authors with the intention of enlightening the general public since childhood.

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