2021 Patient Experience Survey – themes

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Insights from the Global Lung Cancer Coalition’s 2021 patient experience survey

September 2021


The GLCC) is dedicated to improving outcomes for lung cancer patients. Our members collaborate and campaign to improve lung cancer patients’ experience of their treatment and care, both at a national level and globally.

To do this we need to understand what lung cancer patients experience, from the point of their diagnosis and as they progress through their treatment and care. Through our network of members, we have run two global surveys, one in 2020 and one in 2021, to ask patients around the world about their lung cancer journeys. We are grateful to every patient and carer who responded.

Four key themes emerged from the information we received from our 2021 Patient Experience Survey.

These themes are set out in the reports outlined below; they can be accessed and downloaded as read-only Word documents or as read-only pdfs.

  1. Contacting treatment teams during COVID-19: Word doc / pdf
  2. Delays to diagnosis: Word doc / pdf
  3. Dignity and decision making: Word doc / pdf
  4. Emotional impact of a diagnosis: Word doc / pdf


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