Types of Lung Cancer

There are a number of different types of lung cancer. The two most common are called:

These two types of lung cancer respond differently to different treatments, so the best treatment approach for you will depend on your type of lung cancer.

Non-small cell lung cancer

There are several different types of non-small cell lung cancer depending on the type of abnormal cell:

Small cell lung cancer

This is caused by small round cells that form fleshy lumps, usually in the larger airways and is very rare in non-smokers. This type of lung cancer cell divides and grows very quickly and has often spread to the lymph nodes and/or other organs in the body by the time it is diagnosed.

It is known to be more responsive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy than non-small cell lung cancers and may reoccur. You will attend regular check-ups after treatment is complete to ensure any reoccurrence is spotted quickly.

Other types of lung cancer

The diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer can be complicated.

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To determine the most appropriate treatment, cancers are ‘staged,’ which means classifying the severity of a patient’s disease.

Stages of small cell lung cancer

Small cell lung cancer has two stages

Stages of non-small cell lung cancer

Non-small cell lung cancer has four stages: one to four.

Stage 1A

Stage 1B

The cancer has caused part of your lung to collapse.

Stage 2A

Stage 2B

One of the following:

Stage 3A

One of the following:

Stage 3B

One of the following:

Stage 4