Lung Foundation Australia plays an important role in advocating for greater effort and resources into promoting lung health and advocating for those affected by lung disease.

The community is well aware of the messages to protect their heart health, their skin health and their breast health.  Greater effort must go into communicating the important message about protecting lung health.

The Lung Foundation also advocates for better access to evidence-based programs for those with lung disease.

Improving outcomes for Australians living with lung cancer – A Call to Action

Lung cancer kills more Australians every year than any other cancer – it’s estimated that the equivalent of 25 people PER DAY will die from lung cancer this year.

We must act now. Lung Foundation Australia has identified four areas where some of the most significant obstacles facing a person with lung cancer must be addressed:

·         Reduce the stigma of lung cancer.

·         Prioritise early detection efforts where cure is most likely to be achieved, including identifying and implementing an effective national screening strategy.

·         Improve access to best practice care for people with lung cancer whoever they are and wherever they live.

·         Increase research funding targeted to lung cancer to improve health outcomes.

Lung Foundation Australia calls on funders, policy makers, clinicians, other stakeholders and the wider community to help us improve outcomes for those who are currently