About our Excellence in Journalism Awards

Global Lung Cancer Coalition

GLCC Excellence in Journalism Awards

The global awards for excellence in journalism recognise excellence in raising awareness of the world’s biggest cancer killer. The awards were launched in 2011 and continue to this day. Each member organisation is encouraged to nominate a recipient.

In recent years we have expanded the definition of  ‘journalism’ to reflect the way that social media and digital platforms are rapidly covering much of the ground previously occupied by mainstream media, such as press, radio and television.

We also recognise that ‘’citizen journalists’ are playing an important role in the way information is shared, and that the outstanding efforts of individuals or groups not part of the mainstream media can often produce outstandingly effective work that significantly raises awareness of lung cancer and matters surrounding it. These efforts too can be recognised with an award; often, in such circumstances, members choose to make a ‘Special Award’ for outstanding contributions.


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