The State of Global Lung Cancer Research: 2014-2021 – Report from GLCC and ICP 2023

The State of Global Lung Cancer Research: 2014-2021
A report from the Global Lung Cancer Coalition and the Institute of Cancer Policy
October 2023

Executive summary

The impact of lung cancer research cannot be understated, as the focus and findings of this research can have direct impacts on the introduction of new and innovative treatments, standards of care and more, and can significantly improve the experience of patients with lung cancer.

The GLCC sought to better understand the status of lung cancer research globally and commissioned the Institute for Cancer Policy (ICP) to run a bibliometric analysis to provide insight into the current landscape of lung cancer research globally – including the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – and any shifts and trends in research volume or content that were notable.

This work explored lung cancer research today and over the last decade, and considered questions including:
Who is conducting and leading in lung cancer research around the world?
How does the volume of lung cancer research compare to the volume of research
into other cancers?
What topic areas within lung cancer are being research?
How closely are countries working together on research?

The bibliometric analysis found that – particularly in the last two years – there has been a notable surge in the research undertaken in immuno-oncology, now the dominant area of research across lung cancer. A significant increase in international collaboration in research across all countries was also found, with China the sole country that did not see an increase in collaboration, and in fact saw a decrease. China was also an outlier in the sheer volume of research produced. While other countries saw a slowing of growth in research outputs, substantial growth was noted in China.

Due to delays in the publication of research, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet fully clear. Any potential impact on reduced research activity may not be uncovered for many years.

The GLCC would like to express gratitude to the ICP for their work and its findings. The GLCC recognises the fundamental value of research in improving the lives of patients with lung cancer and calls on all countries to protect and invest in lung cancer research.

You can read the full 2023 report here, and download it as a pdf file.

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