The first Onkoakademiya training session for health care professionals (nurses), was held on 10 and 11 February 2017. The event was organised by APOZ and colleagues from the Bulgarian Cancer Society and the Association of Healthcare Professionals.

The training was held in Adzhibadem City Clinic Cancer Centre. Attended by 80 nurses, representatives of 28 specialised medical facilities for the treatment of cancer in the country.

The program focused on what is, according to national statistics, the most common form of cancer in men – lung cancer. The structure of the program was devised by the medical, psychosocial and organisational panel, which will continue its lead role for each succeeding sessions of Onkoakademiyata. The program is long-term and every session will be credited with an optimal number of BAPZG credit points.

The main topic of the discussion was how best to ensure that patient information should be recognised as being a key part of a nurse’s responsibilities. This topic directly corresponds to the current project run by APOZ and its partners, funded by the UICC, which aims to expand the authority of a nurse to present patient information in certain clinical situations