From the website of Cittadinanzattiva

By Valeria Fava – May 5, 2017

Cittadinanzattiva – The Court for the Rights of the Sick this year wanted to address issues affecting oncology services across Italy, and to show their commitment to taking seriously issues concerning the treatment of cancer.

Issues under consideration include: difficulty in getting access to innovative therapies, complexity of oncological networks and clinical – care pathways throughout Italy and its territories, and compassionate care.

The overall objective of the project is to monitor the oncology service network in Italy, through a civic survey consisting of 121 questions, organized into 24 themes.

These will focus on: the services offered, how the service takes charge of the patient, how humane the service is, and what commitment to improvement is in place within overall hospital structures.

Particular note will be taken of critical points, strengths and good practice. The ultimate aim is to contribute to improving the quality of services offered and to empower to the person who needs care, with transparency and the tools to make a conscious choice of the structure of their care. When the results of the survey are published, they may prompt closer monitoring of the greater quality of the service.

The survey focuses on 62 oncological facilities: 36 Deans Hospitals, 16 Hospitals, University Hospitals 5, 4 IRCCS Clinic and a private agreement.