Message from Anne Marie Downey, Chair, Canadian Lung Association Board of Directors: Debra Lynkowski to leave as CEO

May 5th, 2017

Debra Lynkowski has resigned her position as President and CEO of the Canadian Lung Association (CLA), effective June 23rd. She will soon take on another leadership position in the health sector which will be announced by her new employer.

Transitions are always difficult but they are also an opportunity to celebrate achievements, and in that regard, there are many.

Debra joined CLA in the fall of 2013.  Hired with the mandate to help lead a revitalization process, we have made significant progress under Debra’s leadership. Highlights include:

The launch of our exciting and compelling new brand, putting ‘breathing’ at the front and centre of all that we do.

Working with our professional societies to refine and implement our new National Respiratory Research Strategy, including the creation of a Patient Engagement Framework. The Breathing as One Fund Raising Campaign in support of the strategy remains a key priority for CLA.

And, helping to lead the evolution of our medical sections, the Canadian Thoracic Society and the Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals, to a fully-fledged and independent professional society.

Her unwavering focus on what we can achieve for lung health in Canada and capacity as a transformational leader has brought the organization through the transition we have achieved to date. And I am confident that she has positioned the organization to successfully complete its revitalization.

The CLA Board of Directors will move quickly to appoint a successor, and we are confident that our new CEO will be able to build on the strong foundation we have created.