From the World Lung Cancer Day website (edited):

“World Lung Cancer Day is a powerful and compassionate initiative that sheds light on every area of this disease and those affected.

From the frailest of patients, to the largest institutions, we stand united as one strong global voice.

Each and every one of us has a voice on WLCD, we are all empowered advocates creating change. From a kind word of support given to an isolated person, to achieving global recognition of WLCD by government agencies and institutions, no kindness is ever too small, every act of caring makes a difference. We have changed the world for the people affected by Lung Cancer.

The following are just a few suggestions for ways to participate:

  • Wear a white ribbon
  • Join the WLCD event page and connect with others around the world
  • Change your profile pic & cover photo to the WLCD logo
  • Take someone in the throes of caregiving out to lunch.
  • Speak out about what matters most to you.”

The GLCC shares common goals with this initiative.

We also want to shed light on lung cancer and its signs and symptoms; we will always stand shoulder-to-shoulder with lung cancer patients; and we too present a truly international voice for all those affected by lung cancer.

Our very best wishes to all involved in World Lung Cancer Day.

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