Constitution Day, or ‘Grundlovsdag’ as it is known in Danish, is effectively Denmark’s independence day, and although it is not a national holiday, many people are given either the day or half a day off.

Synonymous with Constitution Day are the political rallies and speeches held around the country.

This year’s speakers include Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Mette Frederiksen, Pia Kjærsgaard and Søren Pape Poulsen at various venues around the country.

In contrast to most independence day celebrations around the world, Constitution Day in Denmark is a slightly more discreet occasion. Many will attend the political rallies and join their family for a meal rather than more boisterous events.

Our member organisation in Denmark is Patient Foreningen Lungkraeft, which translates into Englaish as Lung Cancer Patient Association. The Association offers support and first-class information to all affected by lung cancer.

We wish all who are taking part in today’s celebrations a very happy and healthy holiday.