A moment to reflect – and to renew our efforts to face the challenge

It’s World Lung Cancer Day, and these are exciting times for those dedicated to supporting and treating people affected by the disease. Advances such as the new immunotherapy drugs becoming more widely available and research into uncovering new ways of diagnosing lung cancer earlier are highly encouraging.

Yet the reality is that, on average, every 30 seconds, someone, somewhere will die of lung cancer, and only one in every ten people with lung cancer are alive five years after diagnosis. Those are the ‘broad-brush’ statistics, but they vary quite considerably from country to country.

For a better understanding of the global picture, why not visit our e-Atlas, which presents the key figures for each nation? Or take a look at the studies we commissioned into the state of global lung cancer research, or into attitudes towards lung cancer and those affected by it?

What is the GLCC and its membership doing to improve the situation for lung cancer patients? We campaign for better understanding and awareness of the disease, to promote ways to reduce or prevent it, and we share expertise and knowledge across borders to enable patients, researchers and health-care professionals to stay abreast of what is now a fast-changing area of health care.

On this World Lung Cancer Day may we wish every patient and their loved ones a bright and peaceful day.