Aim is to improve life expectancy

Lung Foundation Australia believes everyone deserves to receive the very best treatment, information, support and care they need.

We are dedicated to seeing this happen for every person living with a lung disease.

There are over 30 different types of lung disease currently impacting the lives of one in four Australian men, women and children from all walks of life.

Lung disease, including chronic respiratory conditions and lung cancer, is the second leading cause of death in Australia – It kills more people than dementia and diabetes yet it continues to be one of the most underfunded and under supported disease areas.

More needs to be done. It’s time for lung disease to be a national health priority.

A key focus of our advocacy is to ensure lung disease receives the level of policy and research support that is required to reduce its burden and impact.

We are committed to working with the government to ensure all Australians receive equitable and affordable access to the latest best practice treatments and care.

Our current initiatives include:

Making Lung Cancer A Fair Fight – A Blueprint for Reform

We recently launched Making Lung Cancer a Fair Fight: A Blueprint for Reform – a first-of-its-kind report addressing the social, economic and mental health issues of Australians living with lung cancer. It provides a clear indication of the true burden of lung cancer in Australia, now and over the next decade, as well as the confronting challenges facing those living with lung cancer. Importantly, it outlines solutions to improve outcomes for the many thousands of people living with lung cancer.

It is our hope that this latest research will be used to inform decision makers to adopt key reforms and address the disjointed care, mental health and stigma that Australians with lung cancer face – and make lung cancer a fair fight.

You can help too – by reading and sharing. Read report

The campaign has been attracting media attention, such as this item on the ABC news website:

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Wednesday 24 October 2018 6:36AM (view full episode)

Lung cancer remains Australia’s most deadly — it’s estimated that one Australian dies from lung cancer every hour.

The Lung Foundation says a major problem is that cases are going undiagnosed for too long with just 11 per cent of people with lung cancer receiving a diagnosis when the disease is still in its early stages.

In rural areas, nearly half of all cases go undiagnosed until it’s well advanced.

The Lung Foundation Australia launched its new campaign at Parliament House aimed at improving life expectancy for people with lung cancer.

It’s called ‘Making Lung Cancer A Fair Fight: A Blueprint for Reform’.