Society to recognise journalist for compelling coverage around lung cancer with Journalist Award and Bursary from the Global Lung Cancer Coalition

December 21, 2018

The Irish Cancer Society, supported by the Global Lung Cancer Coalition (GLCC), will once again present an Irish journalist with a £500 (GBP Sterling) award for their coverage of lung cancer during the 2019 campaign.

The Irish Cancer Society’s Annual Lung Cancer Awareness Campaign runs throughout the month of January and the Society will closely monitor media coverage of lung cancer during this period. The winning story will be chosen on its ability to present the issue of lung cancer in a compelling and thoughtful manner. Stories can be featured in online, print or broadcast media outlets as well as on blogs and social media.

The Society is committed to creating awareness around the early detection of lung cancer as lung cancer is the second most common cancer in Ireland with over 2,500 people diagnosed every year. Often lung cancer is diagnosed at a late stage which is why awareness of the symptoms and early detection is vital.

There are a number of interview opportunities available for media interested in writing or broadcasting about lung cancer. Please contact Deirdre Kingston in the Irish Cancer Society if you would like to speak to any of the following:

  • Cancer Prevention Manager (e.g. how to reduce your risk of lung cancer, advice on quitting smoking, the importance of early detection)
  • Specialist lung cancer nurse (e.g. awareness piece outlining the signs and symptoms, treatment options, lung cancer incidence rates)
  • Cancer researcher specialising in lung cancer (e.g. info around research project, what drives him/her in their work, potential outcomes of studies etc.)
  • Lung cancer clinician (e.g. an expert in diagnosing and treating lung cancer who can discuss the importance of early detection and the treatment options available)

The journalist bursary is available as a result of support from the GLCC and coverage will be monitored from 1st – 31st January 2019.