Love your lungs week to raise awareness of lung health.

The British Lung Foundation is running its awareness campaign, ‘Love your lungs week’, from 17-23 June.

This year’s theme is: ‘We’re making a big noise about lung health’.

The campaign invites everyone to ‘spread the word that getting short of breath is something you may need to talk to your doctor about’.

From the campaign news release: 

Will you share our online breath test?

Let’s encourage people to love their lungs and raise awareness of lung conditions this June.

Building on the success of ‘Breathe Easy’ week in previous years, we’re planning to make our national lung health awareness week even more ambitious.

Over half a million people have taken our test to see if their breathlessness is something they need to get checked. We know many people have taken action as a result, and some have got a diagnosis for the first time.

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Why not share details of this campaign via social media, using the hashtag: #LoveYourLungsWeek

Breath test specific

Out of breath? Listen to your lungs

Getting out of breath when you push yourself is healthy and normal. But sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious.

Take our online breath test to see if you should get checked out.