On the 19th of August 2019, Averil Power, Chief Executive of the Irish Cancer Society, welcomed the group’s recommendations, and called for government action.

In Ireland, the focus so far has been on cancer survival. Whilst there have been major advances in this area, the long-term needs of cancer survivors have been overlooked. Short and long-term cancer treatment can cause a range of issues including bowel problems, depression and altered relationships.

The National Survivorship Needs Assessment looked at the needs of survivors of child/ adult cancers, along with a review on survivorship care in Ireland and around the world.

There are 20,000 cancer survivors in Ireland, and this number is expected to increase. The charity thus called for immediate government action, as well as pledging to improve its own services, like their Freephone Nurseline, Daffodil Centres, counselling service, Living Life group and educational events.