On the 26th of August 2019, one of our US members, the Prevent Cancer Foundation, revealed the young adults who will make up its PreventGen Committee, made up exclusively of young people.

(Image taken from the Prevent Cancer Foundation Webpage)

Its members will collaborate with the foundation’s staff, and their feedback will be used to extend the foundation’s mission to save lives through prevention and early detection.

Carolyn Aldigé, the foundation’s founder and CEO said the committee, ‘will be a great asset in ensuring our messaging connects with younger generations and empowers them to make choices to reduce their risk of developing cancer.’

The members were chosen based on their professional experience, their perspective and personal connections to cancer and cancer prevention.

You can see the full committee list here: https://preventcancer.org/2019/08/the-prevent-cancer-foundation-announces-selections-for-inaugural-young-adult-advisory-committee/