#IDeserveToLive Awareness Campaign 

Lung Cancer Canada are trying to raise awareness on behalf of lung cancer patients across the country by inviting Canadians to participate in the #IDeserveToLive campaign.

  • Although lung cancer has the highest mortality of all cancers in Canada (over 21,100 deaths per year), the percentage of research funds allocated to improved treatment and early diagnosis is insufficient.

  • Of the 80,000 Canadians who die from cancer every year, more than 25% are lung cancer victims yet only 7% of research funding is directed towards lung cancer. Advances in screening, access to medication, and new treatment options are handicapped by this severe lack of resources.

Lung cancer patients deserve more than this; they deserve to live. With your support, we can help make a difference in lung cancer patient’s lives. Lung Cancer Canada is asking you to be sensitive to the people in your life (perhaps yourself, a family member, a friend, a patient) who battle lung cancer every day by signing the #IDeserveToLive pledge. By signing on, you are not only helping raise awareness but also supporting a fundamental right; that lung cancer patients deserve to live.

On behalf of lung cancer patients, Lung Cancer Canada thanks you.
How to participate

  1.  Let lung cancer patients and their families know that you support them by signing the pledge form.
  2. Create your own #IDeserveToLive campaign photo and share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Simply take a photo of yourself or a loved one holding up a sign that reads #IDeserveToLive. In the caption, discuss a lung cancer topic that’s important to you – clinical trials, research advancements, new treatment options, screening, reducing stigma, the value of support groups, access to medication, etc. Tag anyone that you think should sign the pledge form – family, friends, physicians, caregivers, elected officials, or running candidates. Don’t forget to hashtag #IDeserveToLive and tag @LungCancerCanada so we can share your posts on our website.

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