My Warm Welcome to the GLCC  

by Kateřina Filipová of OnkoMaják (Czech Republic)

I have been given a chance to write a few words regarding my first experience taking part in the annual meeting of the Global Lung Cancer Coalition (GLCC).

In my case it was not just a first meeting with the members of GLCC as a new member but also a very first experience with the international conference.

When entering the meeting room, I was immediately given a warm welcome and taken to my place where all the background documents were prepared for me. I expected I would be just another person sitting in the room of people but it was not like that at all. All the members knew each other and it was obvious that they enjoyed seeing each other again.

They knew there will be a new member at the meeting so everyone introduced themselves to me and friendly welcomed me among them. Thanks to this I felt more comfortable and I could fully focus on presented information and news.

In at the deep end – Kateřina describing the work of OnkoMaják at the meeting in Barcelona

Unfortunately, it was not easy for me to fully enjoy the conversation as most of the members spoke English as their native language so they spoke very fast. After a short conversation with me everyone understood how my situation was and so they adapted to my level.

This year 2019 the meeting was located in the center of Barcelona in the Casa Bonay Hotel.

The first day was devoted to introduction of GLCC activities, updates and various projects of GLCC. At the end of the day there was a networking dinner where I could get to know all the members of the organisation a bit better.

Kateřina (fifth from right) relaxing with GLCC colleagues 

The second day partner organisations took part in the meeting and introduced themselves, their activities, research and success related to lung cancer. Part of their presentations was also brainstorming. It was a bit challenging for me as they spoke really fast. Before I could put the things together or even to join the conversation or give feedback the conversation took another direction and so I had to focus on something else not to lose the track. At the end of the day again a dinner in which also some representatives of partner organisations took part.

The third, last day, the projects and plans of GLCC were presented to partner organisations. Further, three members introduced the updates of their organisations. One of them was me, as a new member of our NGO OnkoMaják.

The second part of the day was devoted to other partner organisations. By this day my participation in this event ended. I was returning from the conference feeling really motivated.

My first experience of meeting the members of GLCC was really positive and unforgettable. So I would like to thank for taking me in and allowing me to gain experience and learn a lot of new information