From the IASLC: 

Dear members,

As you know, November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month – LCAM.

The IASLC is a proud member of the LCAM coalition, a group of more than 40 leading research and advocacy organisations from around the world with a focus on lung cancer, While our efforts extend beyond this particular month, it is important to stand in solidarity around pursuing hope.

During November, the Coalition united to generate increased awareness among the public about the impact of lung cancer, promote events of the coalition partners and share available resources on potentially life-saving treatment options.

As you connect with your patients with lung cancer, their caregivers and fellow care team members, we encourage you to lean on the resources available at

You will find that each partner of the Coalition has important information availabke, opportunities for connection, and the collective ambition to shape hope.

Watch how members of the lung cancer community are spreading hope this November.

Thanks you for dedicating your work to advancing lung cancer resources, treatment and care.

We are stronger together!


Mrs Kristen Ito

Assiciate Director of ILC Foundation and Patient Advocacy