Swedish podcast ‘Healthcare’ discusses findings

Vanessa Beattie of UK Lung Cancer Nursing, who is based at Aintree NHS Trust in Liverpool, took part in this podcast, Sjukvardspodden, conducted on behalf of Roche Sweden. The interview is in English. Vanessa was talking to Erika Andersson, a media consultant with Springtime-Intellecta AB.

If you scroll forward to 14:55 on this link you can listen to the interview.

From the podcast site:
More than half of all lung cancer patients have widespread disease at diagnosis.
How should we work for an earlier discovery and faster care chain? Dr Mia Rajalin, psychologist, patient & Marina Tuutma, of the Swedish District Medical Association.
Hear an international perspective on lung cancer care from Vanessa Beattie, specialist nurse in lung cancer at Aintree Hospital in Liverpool, England.
We get a reconnaissance from Hanna Rafstedt, contact nurse at the Breast Center at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm.