From Isabel Maria Camanho Morais Barbedo de Magalhães, Presidente da Pulmonale: 

Despite being the most common cancer worldwide and the biggest responsible for Cancer Related deaths, there is still a lack of recognition of signs and symptoms associated with lung cancer.

Unfortunately, in Portugal, as in many other countries, the majority of patients are still diagnosed with advanced disease, negatively impacting survival rates.

Roche partnered with the patient association Pulmonale and produced an awareness campaign under the moto “There are signs everyone recognizes, and there are others we cannot ignore”.

Portuguese actor/comedian Eduardo Madeira teamed up and helped us produce a social media video with a light tone but a strong message: don’t ignore your symptoms, call your doctor. An early diagnose can save your life.

The campaign was launched in November 2020, the month in which lung cancer is recognized worldwide. It succeeded in gathering national coverage throughout the month.

Pulmonale prepared a PowerPoint presentation to brief the media about the campaign and its objectives.

You can also view and download that presentation as a pdf document HERE.