FairLife Lung Cancer Care joins the GLCC

The GLCC is proud to offer a warm welcome to its latest member, FairLife Lung Cancer Care, a not-for-profit organisation established to benefit anyone affected by lung cancer in Greece.

You can visit the FairLife LCC website here.

It was set up in 2020 in memory of Simon Bell, a beloved father, partner, brother and colleague.

Fair Life Lung Cancer Care promises to help by providing information about prevention, and early diagnosis, of lung cancer.

Its key objectives are to:

  • Support lung cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment, helping them to live with the disease and cope with symptoms and side-effects
  • Support programmes for early diagnosis and screening, using low-dose CT scans
  • Design and implement awareness campaigns to inform and educate the public, associations, and institutions on the importance of comprehensive molecular testing in lung cancer diagnosis
  • Help to ensure patient access to new and innovative treatments, thus improving survival rates
  • Provide valuable psychological support and information for patients, families, and caregivers
  • Encourage and educate patients on the importance of clinical trials and advocate for access to, and inclusion of Greek patients in trials of all phases
  • Promote the effective operation of a network of certified satellite clinical trial centers in Greece
  • Work closely with medical centers and doctors in Greece and abroad, both from private and public sector.

FairLife LCC President Korina Pateli-Bell said:

”Our goal is to create the first non-profit organisation which will give every person the best chance in their fight against lung cancer.

”Early diagnosis, equal opportunities for access to innovative treatments, and participation in clinical trials will be just the beginning for FairLife Lung Cancer Care. Let us not forget that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide and unfortunately in Greece too.

”Yet, unlike other forms of cancer, it has not received the attention for prompt integration of recent scientific advances into daily practice, so that each patient can benefit. Early diagnosis, equal opportunities for access to innovative treatments, and participation in clinical trials will build the primary focus of FairLife Lung Cancer Care. Together we can make a difference.”