The Initiatives in Lung Cancer Care (ILC2) program is a flagship project of the Lung Ambition Alliance. Each year, it provides support to organisations offering projects to transform lung cancer patient care and improve the patient experience.

Selected projects, awarded in 2020 and 2021, received a total of nearly $2M.

ILC2 projects span the globe, across 17 countries. They target aspects of local areas and country-specific health systems. They employ a variety of approaches – including digital and mobile platform innovation, emotional support groups and hotlines, care for targeted subpopulations, and efforts to improve screening and diagnosis – to address the various different needs and requirements of patients.

Lung cancer care begins and ends with better understanding of the patient experience.

GLCC members whose applications for ILC2 support were successful in this latest round include:

Lung Foundation Australia, who received approval for two separate projects

Fundacion Pacientes de Cancer de Pulmon (Argentina)

Lung Cancer Canada

FairLife Lung Cancer Care (Greece)

Esperantra (Peru)

Formosa Cancer Foundation (Taiwan)

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (UK)

and the

Go2Foundation for Lung Cancer (USA)

Our congratulations to them, and to all those organisations whose work will be supported by the ILC2 programme.

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