Adapted from the Lung Ambition Alliance website. The GLCC is one of the founding partners of the LAA, whose aim is to transform patient care for people diagnosed with lung cancer.

The challenge

There remains considerable variation in the management of lung cancer around the world. Access for patients to important diagnostics, treatments and support programmes varies markedly.

The solution

ILC– Initiatives in Lung Cancer Care – is a global funding opportunity to transform patient care and improve the patient experience

The ILC2 programme supports patient and caregiver organisations registered as not-for-profit in their country to propose and conduct projects that can potentially transform patient care in countries around the world.

The programme recognises the high variation in lung cancer management around the world, and the very specific local barriers to quality care that must be considered when developing patient centric solutions to address them.

Over the last two years, 26 projects from 17 countries have received support to address various points along the patient journey. Please click here to read more about the previously awarded projects.

Now – Round 3 is open. Please note:  all applications must be completed by 20 October 2021.

ILC2 grant applications are reviewed and selected by the four founding partners of the Lung Ambition Alliance: the Global Lung Cancer Coalition, Guardant Health, the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer and AstraZeneca. Funding for the ILC2 grant is provided by AstraZeneca.

Full details can be found here on the Lung Ambition Alliance website.

Previously-awarded projects include:

Patient Centered Quality Care for Lung Cancer: Research Based Design, Pilot Run and Promotion

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Patient Connection App

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