Our UK member organisation British Lung Foundation has a new name and a new look – but remains committed to helping all who are affected by respiratory health conditions.

From Asthma + Lung UK:

”We’re proud of our new look – and hope you are too! But we want to remind you that while our appearance has changed, we’re still here to support you with your lung condition like before.

Our healthcare advisers and respiratory nurse specialists are here to provide advice, support and a listening over the phone, email and even WhatsApp

⭐️ Last year they helped more than 28,000 people with lung conditions.

⭐ Our website has accurate and up-to-date advice for all types of lung conditions, including COPD, bronchiectasis and IPF.

⭐ Last year more than 15 million people visited our websites.

⭐ Our support groups give you an opportunity to talk about your lung condition with others who can understand what it’s like.

⭐ We have more than 150 support groups across the UK, including Singing for Lung Health, Mindfulness for Lung Health and Harmonica for Lung Health.

Click here to find out more about our services: https://www.asthmaandlung.org.uk/get-support/