Peter Czanyo of Fundacion Pacientes Cancer de Pulmon and Korina Pateli-Bell of FairLife Lung Care  


Delegates from many of the GLCC’s worldwide network of member organisations are in Vienna, meeting face to face for the first time in since the 2019 meeting in Barcelona.

The effects of the pandemic have restricted us to virtual meetings for the past two years.

During the course of the first day of the meeting, Chair Dr Matthew Peters and Secretary Jesme Fox led members through updates on the work carried out throughout the course of the previous year – including an in-depth overview of the Patient Experience Survey – with reports and presentations on the Coalition’s financial situation, its ‘Unity’ newsletter, the Journalism and Special Recognition awards, the website and social media activity, and updated Factsheets.

Jesme also outlined to members the work done by the GLCC in its partnerships, working with Lung Ambition Alliance and the Global Cancer Network Coalition.

Louise Abbott and Riddhi Thakrar of the Incisive Health Agency, who supply support and coordinate research for several of our projects, presented about the data from the Patient Experience Survey, and the information that underpins our Lung Cancer Screening Resource Centre (accessed via our Screening Microsite).

Riddhi also presented about both our refreshed e-Atlas and a World View of what is now happening across the community of people living with lung cancer and those involved in research and health care.


Win Boerckel, who is the GLCC advisor on psychological interventions, made an especially effective presentation on Lung Cancer Coping, dividing attendees into smaller groups to consider, discuss and report on particular topics that concern people diagnosed with lung cancer.

The formal business day concluded, members later re-grouped for the Formal Dinner, during which Jesme, Matthew and Maureen Rigney presented a Special Lifetime Award from the GLCC to Win Boerckel for his outstanding contribution to supporting people living with lung cancer.

The meeting continues, with members hearing briefings from representatives from some our supporting partners. These are private sessions.