Korina Pateli-Bell of FairLife Cancer Care (Greece) and Peter Czanyo of Fundacion Pacientes Cancer de Pulmon (Argentina) at the 2022 annual meeting 


The experience of people living with lung cancer, and those affected by it, is at the very core of the work of the GLCC.

Members and supporting partners who gathered for the meeting in Vienna heard detailed updates on findings from the work the Coalition carried out over the course of the previous 12 months.

Key projects discussed included data from our latest Patient Experience Survey, which highlighted issues including obstacles to accessing diagnosis and care pathways, and the involvement of people with lung cancer in making decisions about their treatment options.

Dr Samantha Quaife of QMC University of London, shared findings on achieving informed choice in lung cancer screening 

Maureen Rigney raised questions as to the language we use when discussing lung cancer with people affected by it, as well as in our own materials.

Jesme Fox outlined how, among other key work, our information leaflets are under review, and several have already been refreshed.


Louise Abbott of Evoke Incisive Health presented details of how the GLCC e-Atlas has been substantially redesigned, updated and enhanced. 

Members heard from several supporting partners about their own plans and treatment pipelines, including new access options.

Win Boerckel demonstrated the practice and value of using focus groups in helping people with lung cancer to better share their insights. 

As the meeting drew towards its close, members discussed proposals for forthcoming GLCC projects, and an outline schedule for this work was agreed in principle.

The meeting concluded, with all agreeing that debate and discussion had been lively, frank and informative. The GLCC will continue to be the voice of all within the community of those affected by lung cancer, and will seek at all times to support member organisations by providing resources to support their work and ambitions.