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Lung Cancer: A World View 
The GLCC commissioned a project to understand campaigning priorities in lung cancer at a national level. Our colleagues at Evoke Incisive Health helped us to compile, collate and publish this report. 

The GLCC serves as the international voice of people affected by lung cancer. Therefore member organisations have a key focus on lung cancer advocacy. Consequently, an important function of the GLCC is bringing members together to converse and exchange ideas.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the GLCC has been unable to hold a face-to-face meeting for the past two years, As a result, valuable opportunities to exchange information have been lost. The Lung Cancer: A World View project was therefore initiated. The aim is to enable members to share campaigning priorities and issues most relevant to the patients they represent.

The project consisted of a series of online workshops. These gathered insights from a total of twenty-two individuals from twenty-one different member organisations.

The three key themes explored during the workshops were:
1. Access to diagnostics and treatments
2. Screening
3. Recovery of services post-COVID-19

You can read and download the full report by visiting our RESEARCH section.