Our Greek member organisation, FairLife LCC, is holding a webinar on Wednesday 1st March  at 17:00 -19.30 GMT on the importance of mental health and psychological support for people who are living with, or have been impacted by, lung cancer.

Part of the webinar will feature a presentation of the Psychosocial Support Program BREATH offered by FairLife to lung cancer patients, caregivers and family members.

The hybrid webinar welcomes expert mental health professionals, scientists, and people who have experienced lung cancer.

The BREATH presentation will conclude with the discussion of the results of the program so far, as well as the feedback from the science team and program participants.

It will also highlight the results of the GLCC’s global online patient experience survey as for Patients’ experiences of lung cancer during COVID-19.

The event will be hosted in a digital studio and will be live-streamed on FairLife’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

You can see the full agenda of the BREATH webinar and access further information here.