The new issue highlights the findings of the GLCC’s study of the information given to people invited to take part in lung cancer screening programmes around the world.

Our findings can be accessed via the GLCC screening resource centre, and, as the lead article makes clear, we hope this latest research can help members in their efforts to develop high-quality lung cancer screening information resources for their own country.

Other reports within the new issue include:

  • an overview of the 2022 members’ meeting in Vienna
  • the launch of the Lung Cancer Policy Network
  • an in-depth article on oligometastatic cancer
  • steps towards lung cancer screening programmes in Australia and Portugal
  • GLCC members addressing WCLC on the impact of the pandemic
  • highlights from lung cancer awareness month
  • and top tips on creating a successful brand marketing campaign

As ever, members will receive notification by email that the new issue is available. If you have not received your notification, please contact us so we can rectify this.

You can download the new edition HERE.