From the FairLife Lung Cancer Care website: 

We proudly announce the launch of FairLife L.C.C.‘s new logo!

The logo reflects our commitment to contemporary social challenges and captures our vision to provide holistic support to the lung cancer community in Greece.

The key feature of our new look is the green color, a symbol of hope and sustainability within a healthy environment. We carry the message: Clean air is essential to healthy lungs and to the planet!

The circle of the logo still refers to the eternal cycle of life.   Dark blue and green ripples support the circle, symbolizing water and nature in motion and ceaseless flow.

The font is well rounded and appealing and the lower-case “i of the word Life “leans” on the capital “L, representing FairLife L.C.C. ‘s responsible support to provide equal access to information and eventually a Fair Life to the lung cancer community in Greece.

“Our logo is our graphic identity, which shows the drive of FairLife L.C.C. and the effort we are putting together to transform the lung cancer landscape in Greece. The updated logo captures our mission through ever evolving actions. We embrace the principles of Sustainable Development (ESG), we continue to raise awareness of environmental issues as key factors for healthy lungs, of prevention and screening. Holistic care of people living with the disease is our top priority.” stated Korina Pateli-Bell, President of FairLife L.C.C.

FairLife- Lung Cancer Care is the only non-profit organization, exclusively dedicated to lung cancer in Greece. 

FairLife L.C.C.’s mission is to holistically support people impacted by lung cancer, aiming to improve their quality of life throughout their journey from diagnosis to treatment.

FairLife L.C.C. works:

– to raise public awareness about prevention and early diagnosis, so as to reduce mortality rates
– for the right to be informed about lung cancer
– to promote equal access to diagnostic methods, clinical trials and innovative treatments
– to indicate the need for psychological support for patients, their families and caregivers
– to eliminate lung cancer stigma related to smoking.

FairLife – Lung Cancer Care was founded in memory of Simon Bell, 57, who lost the battle with lung cancer in August 2020.

Communication Manager FairLife L.C.C.:
Nelly Kapsi   
Napoleontos 18, 16675 Glyfada                                  

Tel: 213 0165784
FairLine 111 57


Athens, September 14th, 2023