From the Lung Cancer Policy Network, 13 February 2024:

The Lung Cancer Policy Network has published its 2023 in review: building the evidence base report, detailing what the Network and its members have achieved over the past year. Throughout our outputs and activities in 2023, we sought to demonstrate the breadth of evidence there is to support reducing lung cancer mortality rates.

Over the past year, our global Network membership has grown in number, with the Network now representing 24 countries across 6 continents. The scope of Network member knowledge has been key in developing impactful and practical outputs for policy engagement, and collaboration between the Network and its members facilitates for the delivery of resources that evidence-based and consensus-driven.

We hope that this report will be useful for Network funders, members and the general public in understanding the impact of Network activities.

As we look ahead to 2024, we will still be seeking to grow the Network membership and collaborate with organisations that share our vision of making lung cancer a policy priority. In particular, we will be focusing on driving policy action this year.

Download the report