UNiTY Spring 2024


The Spring 2024 issue of the GLCC newsletter, UNiTY, is available now.

The headline news centres on the publication of our latest international study into awareness of lung cancer symptoms, attitudes towards lung cancer, and views on screening for the disease.

All the data from this study is available on the GLCC website HERE. 

Among the many other items in this issue:

  • the publication by the Lung Cancer Policy Network of their latest report into early detection strategy
  • an all-new update by the Lung Cancer Research Foundation of their guide to Immunotherapy for treatment of lung cancer 
  • a new documentary from el Cancer de Pulmon called Lung cancer: a journey of life
  • the publication in the journal Cancer Medicine of an article exploring how healthcare professionals communicate with cancer patients about comprehensive biomarker testing; Merel Hennink of Longkanker Nederland’s patient panel is among the co-authors
  • a visit to two Buenos Aires hospitals by members of Fundacion Pacientes de Cancer de Pulmon (FPCP) to offer encouragement and empathy to patients receiving chemotherapy treatment
  • and a tribute to Dr Sawa of the Western Japan Oncology Group (WJOG), who has stepped down from the GLCC, and a welcome to his successor, Professor Takahama.

The latest issue of UNiTY can be read – and downloaded as a pdf – HERE.